Elle & Blair


Who better to create a high-performance line of cosmetics than two of the Internet's most influential beauty experts? Since the launch of their first video just several short years ago, The Fowler Sisters have become two of YouTube's brightest stars, garnering more than 370 Million video views and counting. Their creativity, knowledge and style have changed the face of the vlogging industry—and now, with the launch of Skylark Cosmetics, they're changing the face of makeup, giving beauty lovers everywhere a way to make the famous "Elle and Blair" esthetic all their own.

Skylark by Elle & Blair


A passion for all things beauty and makeup isn't the only thing Elle and Blair Fowler have in common. Having uploaded their first video tutorials on YouTube just a few short years ago, the sisters now share an international influence over the vlogoshphere, with more than 370 Million collective video views.